Song of Silver Flame Like Night, Song of the Last Kingdom Book 1

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By: Amélie Wen ZhaoGenre: YA FantasyPublisher: Random House Children’s Book “If she closed her eyes, she could remember exactly how her world had ended.Snow, falling like ashes.Wind, sighing through bamboo.And the song of a woodlute weaving into the skies.She’d had a name, once. Her mother had given it to her. Lian’er, meaning “lotus”: The flower […]

January 7, 2023

Heart of the Sun Warrior, The Celestial Kingdom, Book 2

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By: Sue Lynn TanGenre: FantasyPublisher: Harper Voyager Publishing “Few wrote poems about the half-moon or immortalized it in paintings-devoid of the elegant arch of a crescent or the perfect wholeness of the orb. Clinging to both light and dark, and lost somewhere in between. It resonated with me, a child of a mortal and immortal […]

December 3, 2022

Violet Made of Thorns

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By: Gina Chen Genre: YA Fantasy (14+) Publisher: Random House, Delacorte Press Violet Made of Thorns, by Gina Chen, was an enjoyable YA fantasy. It is a fantasy romance of enemies to lovers, a touch of darkness, a dangerous prophecy, magic, court intrigue, and excellent chemistry between the characters. Violet is a seer who can […]

July 31, 2022

The Coming of Áed


WARNING: There may be spoilers for the series BY: E. G. RadcliffeGENRE: YA FantasyPUBLISHER: Mythic Prairie Books I started reading again in 2019. I read The Percy Jackson Series and the others that Rick Riordan wrote. I found a re-kindled love for reading, especially fantasy and science fiction. I never stopped. During the summer of […]

June 4, 2022

The Legend of Black Jack

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By: A.R. Witham Genre: YA FantasyPublisher: Nepenthe House (Self Published) Content/Trigger Warnings:Shown on page: Child Abuse (foster mom hits main character); Child Abduction (main character kidnapped by monster)Alluded to: Child Neglect (foster mom ignores her wards) “A boy is best seen through his father’s eyes. He is beautiful, and seven. Sun-kissed hair lashes in the […]

May 26, 2022