The Keeper’s Six

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By: Kate ElliottGenre: FantasyPublisher: Macmillan-Tor/Forge The Keeper’s Six is a fantasy novella by Kate Elliott. I was looking forward to reading it as it sounded like a fantasy that I would really enjoy, Unfortunately, the story never fully came together for me. There were plenty of great elements, but I felt that there was simply […]

August 2, 2023

Ebony Gate: The Phoenix Hoard, Book 1

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By: Julia Vee and Ken BebelleGenre: Urban FantasyPublisher: TOR Publishing “Not one minute after I vowed in the car ride over to stop living up to the moniker of the Butcher of Beijing and I was tapping my sword and threating pimply faced kids. The ones who called me the Butcher were right about me. […]

July 12, 2023

Untethered Sky

Book Reviews

By: Fonda LeeGenre: Fantasy NovellaPublisher: Macmillan-TOR Forge I loved her with the gravity of a stone sinking into a pool”Fonda Lee, Untethered Sky Untethered Sky is a beautiful fantasy novella by Fonda Lee that touched me on a deeply personal level. It is the story of young Ester, who dreams of one day becoming a […]

April 12, 2023

Mystic Skies, The Mystic Trilogy 3

Book Reviews

By: Jason DenzelGenre: FantasyPublisher: TOR Books WARNING: There will be spoilers for Mystic and Mystic Dragon Mystic Skies is the final book in Jason Denzel’s fantasy series, The Mystic Trilogy. On the whole, this series was an average fantasy read. This final installment left me with more questions and it was a very unsatisfying end […]

November 13, 2022

A Strange and Stubborn Endurance

Book Reviews

By: Foz Meadows Genre: Adult Romance Fantasy/LGBTQIAPublisher: TOR Books Content Warning (as per the author): Sexual assault, suicidal ideation, and self-harm In A Strange and Stubborn Endurance, Foz Meadows has created an excellent multi-faceted romantic fantasy. With its slow burn romance, magic, world building, political intrigue, and complete character arcs, A Strange and Stubborn Endurance […]

August 7, 2022

In the Shadow of Lighting, Book One of The Glass Immortals

Book Reviews

By: Brian McClellan Genre: Epic Fantasy Publisher: TOR Books In the Shadow of Lightening, the first book in Brian McClellan’s The Glass Immortals Series, is the start of a gripping epic fantasy. This is the first book I have read by Mr. McClellan and I was thoroughly impressed. The world building and character development are […]

July 2, 2022