The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy

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By: Megan Bannen Genre: Romantic Fantasy Publisher: Orbit Books “Oh. It’s you,” She said, the words and the unenthusiastic tone that went with them dropping of her tongue like a dead weight…“Most people start with hello.”“Hello, Hart-ache,” she sighed.“Hello, Merciless.” He gave her a thin, venomous smile as he took in her oddly disheveled appearance.”Megan […]

September 23, 2022

The Discord of Gods, A Chorus of Dragons, Book 5

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By: Jenn Lyons Genre: Epic FantasyPublisher: Macmillan/TOR-forge WARNING: There will be spoilers for the first 4 books of A Chorus of Dragons “Khirin had work to do and a last game to run. The stakes were everything, the odds were grim, and there would be no second chances. His opponents were both geniuses who wanted […]

April 25, 2022

Memories of Blood and Shadow

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By: Aaron S. Jones Genre: Epic FantasyPublisher: Self Published Content/Trigger Warnings: Shown on page:  Alcohol dependency; Slavery; Gratuitous Violence; Suicide; Vomiting; Gore; Beatings Content/Trigger Warnings: Alluded too: Child harm; Child slavery “The eyes of the young boy shine with hope; glow with adventure; and glisten with transient pain. The past is a shadow; the present […]

April 6, 2022

The Age of Ash: The Kithamar Trilogy, Book 1

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By: Daniel Abraham Genre: Epic Fantasy Publisher: Orbit Books The Age of Ash, by Daniel Abraham, is an epic fantasy centered around the beautiful city of Kithamar. It is an unusual city, forged together from warring races and kingdoms who buried their hatred, came together and now live as one people. Remnants of the old […]

February 15, 2022