The Windtide Series


BY: Jonathan NevairGenre: Space Opera/Science Fiction WARNING: Their may be spoilers for the books. The Wintide Series is a beautiful space opera, with unforgettable characters and incredible world building. What includes it in my Pride Month books is it’s gender fluidity and LBGTQ+ characters. Built into the world that Mr. Nevair created was gender fluidity […]

June 12, 2022

Eyes of the Void: The Final Architecture, Book 2

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By: Adrian TchaikovskyPublisher: Orbit Books Genre: Science Fiction “The Architects had returned. As though trying to erase the history of their previous failure, they’d been busy. First they had descended on Far Lux where, half a century ago three Intermediaries had met with them and ended the war. This time, almost nobody had got off-planet […]

May 8, 2022

No Song, But Silence: Wintide Book 3

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By: Jonathan Nevair Genre: Space Opera, Science Fiction Publisher: Shadow Spark Publishing Content Warning: death of parent (mentioned), death of sibling, graphic violence and death, blood, trauma, genocide, colonialism, terrorism, executions WARNING: There will be spoilers for Goodbye to the Sun & Jati’s Wager No Song, But Silence is brilliant. It is the perfect ending […]

December 14, 2021

Shards of Earth: The Final Architecture, Book 1

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By: Adrian Tchaikovsky Publisher: Orbit Books Genre: Science Fiction “In the seventy-eighth year of the war, an Architect came to Berlenhof…Solace remembered. She had been there. Basilisk Division, Heaven’s Sword Sorority. Her first Battle.” Adrian Tchaikovsky, Shards of Earth Shards of Earth is an impressive science fiction novel with an intense plot and incredibly well-developed […]

July 31, 2021