Cover Reveal: Down Below Beyond


BOOK INFORMATION: Tour Hosted by Escapist Book Co.Down Below Beyond by T.A. BrunoSeries: N/A, StandaloneGenre: Sci-Fi FantasyIntended Age Group: General Audience (PG-13)Pages: 260 (unofficial)Published: Forthcoming, tentative June/July 2023Publisher: Feathersong, LLC. (Self Published) THE COVERComing June/July 2023 BOOK SUMMARY:Levort Aatra is a prospector on a planet named Tayoxe. While scavenging the wastes of the abandoned world, […]

April 4, 2023

A Bond of Thread, The Mountain Fell, Book 1

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Genre: Fantasy RomanceBY: Allegra Pescatore & J.P. Burnison Publisher: AO Collective Content/Trigger Warnings: Shown on page: Mentions of rape, sexual abuse, and torture; Realistic representation of PTSD; Violence; One romantic sex sceneAlluded to: A brief mention of self-harm where a character considers killing themselves in a memory “Since I cannot guarantee that I won’t die, […]

December 27, 2022

Stellar Instinct

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By: Jonathan Nevair Genre: Science Fiction/Thriller, Spy-Fi Publisher: Cantinool Books (Self Published) Content Warning: Shown on Page (things clearly told to the reader): Profanity; Blood and gore; Violence; Death; Kidnapping/hostage; Cults; Animal violence Alluded to (things only mentioned in passing or hinted at): Violence; Death; Self harm; Cults “She much preferred anonymity and to license […]

December 18, 2022

The Fall Is All There Is by C.M. Caplan, Four of Mercies #1

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Genre: Science-FantasyIntended Age Group: AdultPublisher: Razor Sharp Books (Self Published) CONTENT WARNING: Shown on Page (things clearly told to the reader): Profanity, Violence, Ableism, Cursing, Drug Use, Age gap, Self-harm, Vomiting, Infidelity, Gore, Minor kink/S&M ALLUDED TO: (things only mentioned in passing or hinted at): Child abuse, Child neglect, Child harm, financial abuse, Statutory rape, […]

November 25, 2022

Warrior of Light (Standalone with Sequel)

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By: William HeinzenGenre: Epic FantasyPublisher: Self Published Williams Heinzen’s Warrior of Light was an excellent, albeit a little dark, epic fantasy. It centers around the age-old tale of good versus evil, the reluctant hero, and the hero’s journey. Warrior of Light spins its own twist on this tale, weaving together a story that drew me […]

September 5, 2022

Whispers of Stone: The Last Gift, Book 2

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By: Allegra Pescatore Genre: Gaslamp/Epic Fantasy Publisher: AO Collective Publishing Content/Trigger Warnings:Shown on page: Ableism, Racism, Rape (non-graphic, non-violent), Drug/alcohol use (medically necessary), Child abductionAlluded to: Self harm, Homophobia, Child harm “We have chosen to embark on this path together, Merihem. You told me the risks, and I accept them. If the worst comes to […]

July 14, 2022

A King’s Radiance: Bonds of Kin Book 1

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By: L. R. SchulzGenre: Epic FantasyPublisher: Luke Schulz Publishing (Self Published) Content/Trigger Warnings: Shown on page: Child abduction; Death of a childAlluded to: Slavery; Genocide “To Raize, only one thing was worse than the high-pitched sob of a crying mother: a dozen crying mothers…they were being forced to watch as their children were taken from […]

July 10, 2022

Moroda: The World of Linaria, Book 1

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By: L.L. MacRae Genre: Epic FantasyPublisher: Self-Published, L.L. MacRaePublished: May 30, 2022 (Second Edition) Content Warning: Shown on page: Mild to moderate violence; Some swearing  “For all her brave talk, Moroda was the same helpless child she’d always been. She’d always needed someone to look after her, and a year of forced independence hadn’t changed […]

July 3, 2022

At the Threshold of the Universe: The Song of Kamaria, Book 3

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By: TA BrunoGenre: Science FictionPublisher: Feathersong, LLC (Self Published) WARNING: There will be spoilers for In the Orbit of Sirens and On the Winds of Quasars, Books 1& 2. In addition, the review itself is spoiler free. However, after the slideshow at the bottom, I have put in my own epilogue. That will have spoilers. […]

June 22, 2022

Perception Check, The Mages of Velmyra Saga #1

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By: Astrid Knight Genre: Portal Fantasy Publisher: Self Published CONTENT/TRIGGER WARNINGS: Shown on page: Depictions of mental illness (depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicide/suicidal ideation); Animal violence (involving fantasy creatures); Child abduction and harm (involving two thirteen-year-olds and fantasy creatures)Alluded to: Childhood sexual assault; Alcohol abuse; Child death Astrid Knight’s Perception Check was a good […]

June 15, 2022