The Bone Shard War, The Drowning Empire 3

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By: Andrea StewartGenre: Epic FantasyPublisher: Orbit/Hatchett Book Group “I watched the flames lick up the side of the piece of paper I’d taken from the census book…I should have burned the thing years ago, should have hidden my origins better, but it was a part of my past – a reminder of who I was […]

July 3, 2023

The Bone Shard Daughter: The Drowning Empire 1

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By: Andrea Stewart Genre: Epic Fantasy Publisher: Orbit/Hatchett Book Group The Bone Shard Daughter is Andrea Stewart’s superb debut epic fanatasy in the Drowning Empire Series. As a debut novel, Ms. Stewart has captured the very essence of fantasy. The Bone Shard Daughter takes place in the The Phoenix Empire during the reign of the […]

November 27, 2021