Divinity’s Twilight: Remnant

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By: Christopher Russell Series: Divinity’s Twilight #2 Genre: Epic Fantasy/Steampunk/Military Fantasy Publisher: Morgan James Publishing WARNING: There will be spoilers for Divinity’s Twilight: Rebirth Content/Trigger Warnings are posted in the book. “A phantom smile formed on Tabitha’s pale lips… “Magic-which you do put faith in-is much like a song or prayer. It is a plea […]

September 16, 2022

Divinity’s Twilight: Rebirth

Book Reviews

By: Christopher Russell Series: Divinity’s Twilight #1Genre: Epic Fantasy/Steampunk/Military FantasyPublisher: Morgan James Publishing Content/Trigger Warnings: Shown on page: Fantasy violence, Death, Mild gore, Racism, Bullying, Vomiting. Alluded to: Slavery, Genocide, Child abuse, Starvation, Prostitution, Drug/alcohol use “Such is the tale in its entirety, and though it may only be a myth, it is certainly a […]

August 2, 2022

GRAVITAS, A Tale of the Constella

Grimdark Fantasy

By: Christopher RussellPublisher: Divinity’s Twilight Fantasy Novels, 2021Genre: Epic Fantasy, Dark Fantasy Content Warning: Fantasy violence, mild gore, slavery, racism, death of children, genocide, chronic illness In his a 58-page novella, Gravitas, Christopher Russell, packs in all the ingredients for an epic, grim dark fantasy. There is character development, a unique magic system, well-developed characters, […]

November 9, 2021